10 Big Reasons Why Your Company Needs Branding

Strong and consistent branding is essential to any successful company. Good branding allows you to tap into the psychology of the customer and shape their emotional perception of your business.

When most people think of the term branding, they may think of a logo, slogan, or company colours. Though included in the process, branding goes way beyond these elements.

Branding isn’t solely about the visual identity of your company. It’s not just the design, or just the website, or just the promotional material. Although all these elements do play a role in branding your company, the process of successful branding is so much more.

What is branding?

Branding uses design, marketing, and advertising strategies to communicate your message to the customer. By using your company’s goals and values as a starting point, effective branding integrates this message across all platforms of your business. Branding forms the perception that others have when thinking about your business. Good branding considers every aspect of the customer experience and makes sure you are delivering a coherent representation.

So let’s break it down and look at the 10 big reasons why your company needs branding.

1. Builds Recognition

Branding sets the stage for who you are as a company. It allows customers to recognize and understand who they are dealing with, giving them the ability to remember who your company is. When customers feel like they really know a brand, they are more likely to keep coming back.

2. Creates An Emotional Relationship

Both customers and employees want to feel good when they engage with your business. Branding helps build connections and tap into the emotional psychology of the people involved. Most customers use emotional decision making when choosing the products they purchase, therefore they are more likely to buy from brands they feel a connection to. By branding your company with emotional content, and creating a strong brand personality, you are more likely to attract loyal customers.

3. Goes Hand-In-Hand With Advertising

Branding helps to guide how your marketing and advertising strategies should communicate. Advertising is often the first experience people have with your company and can result in committed customers if done right. Since advertising is often your company’s first impression, it is important to have the right branding so that potential customers get the proper understanding from the start.

4. Motivates Employees

Branding motivates employees by allowing them to connect with the company on a deeper level. When company values are shown clearly through effective branding, employees have a reason to really care. It encourages them to be more involved, creating an active work community.   

5. Supports the Design Process

Branding and design need each other to run successfully. If a company has a strong idea of their values, personality, and customer, the design aspects need to match. The company logo, typeface, website, packaging, and promotional material need to be properly branded using design to fit the business. All of these design aspects work together to make up your brand.  A good understanding of your brand also makes the job of designers flow faster and remain true to your company vision.

6. Allows for Consistency

Once a brand strategy is put in place, customers become familiar with the branding and know what to expect. Good branding will create a familiar experience for your customers and keep them coming back. It also allows room for change since branding collateral and designs sometimes need to be reworked. Take logo re-designs and website refreshes for example. However, if your company has an established vision from the start, these changes will be easier to make and customers will still experience familiarity and know what to expect.

7. Makes Your Company Stand Out

There are thousands of companies out there today, and the competition is stronger than ever. Branding helps your company stand out as unique from its competitors and tells customers why they should choose you. There are many ways to make your company stand out from the crowd, but proper branding is what will communicate that message to the consumer. In areas like typography, logo design, advertising and marketing campaigns, branding will allow the customer to really hear your company values loud and clear.

8. Builds Trust

People need to feel comfortable when dealing with businesses. Strong design, paired with good branding, creates a recognizable face that customers will come to trust. Your designs need to match your company values across platforms so that customers know your company is reliable and professional. This trust is especially important when dealing with websites and online platforms where people may make payments or provide personal information.

9. Generates New Customers

Customers who believe in and trust a brand are likely to share their experience. Branding helps to generate new customers through word of mouth and referral business, which is a big part of establishing a reputation for your company. It creates exposure for your company values and ultimately for your business. This, in turn, brings in new clients.

10Adds Value to Your Product

Branding dictates the value of your brand, and often your company as well. When products are branded to appear more valuable, the customer perceives them as so. Branding can convince a customer that your product works better, tastes better, is rarer, more reliable, more luxurious than other competitors. This will entice both clients and investors and help drive revenue. This perceived value translates into real financial value for your business.

If you thought you didn’t need branding before this article, I’m sure you know by now that it is absolutely CRUCIAL to the success of your business. Branding can seem like a complex concept, but when you break it down to the basics you can see how important it is to understand. Branding can be a fun and creative process, helping to enhance your business’ creative style and overall value. It is an excellent tool to explore what you’re really looking for and take your business plan to the next level.

Branding agencies are a great resource if you are in the process of starting a business or if you think it may be time to rebrand aspects of your company. Starting with a brand book is also a great step to begin implementing branding across your business.


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