We are a borderless team of fearless creatives

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We consistently strive to break the mold and change the agency culture. We want to rewrite the narrative of what an agency should look like, and how it should work while forever empowering our diverse team of freelancers by giving them the freedom to do their best work.


Our agile team uses innovative online tools to stay connected and deliver projects on-schedule.


Nomads are not afraid of taking creative risks and hope you feel the same.


We lead with respect, practice mindful communication and are transparent with clients and team members alike.


We’re nimble and can accommodate last-minute changes for the good of the project.

For Future Nomads

No Need to Manage Clients

Never been the most organized person? Ever had trouble handling your clients? Well, there is no need for our Nomads to manage their clients... unless you're a project manager, of course!

Get Paid Easily

Efficient time tracking tools ensure that you get paid what you’re owed! With our instant invoicing and billing system, you will be sure to receive your payment on time, as expected.

Intuitive Project Management

A project management system is in place to make your job easier! Collaborate with other Nomad Cre8tive team members or work on your own with organized task lists and project briefs.

Make Your Own Schedule

Freedom is at the heart of what we do. We aim to provide our team the freedom to determine when and where they work, and for which clients, bringing unparalleled passion and drive to every single project.

Gain Experience

Nomad Cre8tive brings a varied roster of clients to the table. From local to global, across a sea of industries, you're bound to work on projects that excite you.

Grow Your Network

You may be a freelancer, but we work as a team. We include every freelancer in our network of trusted creatives and work side by side on large client projects.

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