Alyssa Zwonok

Founder & Creative Director
With over ten years of agency and freelance experience, Alyssa is a born entrepreneur. From working with renown companies to building startup brands from the ground up, this millennial knows what she's talking about when it comes to branding and the creative world. After travelling the globe for a full four years and living abroad for another, Alyssa was not ready for her travelling journey to end just yet. As a solution to the struggle of finding work while visiting abroad, Alyssa founded Nomad Cre8tive with the intention of empowering other freelancers like herself to be able to travel and see the world, all while making a living and doing something they love!

Aina Kawamoto

Creative Director
With over 10 years of experience, Aina (pronounced ah-ee-nuh) comes with a wide range of expertise such as art direction, branding, digital design, print collateral and photography. From Tokyo to Vancouver to Toronto, she brings a diverse perspective to her work. Aina's true passion lies working with clients to help tell their brand story in a creative and moving way. Aside from perfecting pixels, she is also currently working on her green thumb.

Melissa McCaughey

Sr. Marketing & Brand Building Lead
With 15+ years experience Melissa offers demonstrated expertise in planning, creative communication development & production. She is a trusted project manager of timelines, deliverables, budgets and creative implementation for clients big and small. Melissa is courteous, collaborative, hard-working, innovative, strategic, organized and detailed.

Susan McGregor

Sr. Brand Strategist
With 15+ years of experience, Susan cut her teeth working on big clients in top tier agencies from Cape Town to Toronto. She managed and executed award-winning creative campaigns and led nimble account teams. Susan has been consulting with Startups providing strategic guidance, high level branding, messaging hierarchy development as well as marketing collateral initiation and execution. With an eye for detail, Susan is very keen on data analysis and developing and optimizing marketing initiatives based on metrics to fuel transformative growth for companies.

Lauren Elgee

Sr. Graphic Designer
Lauren is a skilled graphic designer focused on creating and enhancing brand identities and experiences. She has worked for an extended period at Microsoft, with ad agencies and various non-profits. Her work includes, branding and logo development, icon design, UI and marketing projects. Living and working internationally in Vancouver, London, and Seattle has shaped her appreciation for different points of view and design aesthetics

Camila Acosta

Sr. Graphic Designer
Camila is a multifaceted designer specialized in branding, digital advertising, and content creation. Coming from diverse backgrounds and having moved a lot internationally while growing up, travelling has always been a huge part of her life. Naturally, this was not something Camila wanted to give up once she entered the work field. Camila loves being a digital nomad because it gives her the opportunity to pursue her creative aspirations while still being able to travel the world and immerse herself in different cultures. Camila completed a DEC in Communications Studies and a BFA Major Design with ease, all while maintaining her spot on the Deans Honour list for all six years.

Tina Zacirkovik

Sr. Graphic Designer
Tina is gifted in both analog and digital design – her pendulum effortlessly flowing between masterful typography and intuitively designed digital experiences. Tina’s passion for design and travel is evident by the stacks of books that adorn her home office, where her artwork is directly inspired from her travels. Tina has lived on three different continents, and has future plans to travel the globe. Over her career, Tina has built an impressive portfolio, with experience in branding and illustration.

Roxanne Lyristis

Int. Graphic Designer
After spontaneously flying across the world alone to immerse herself in a different environment and culture from the small town she grew up in, Roxanne was hooked to exploring, discovering, and travelling the vast world we live in. Upon her return, she knew she wanted to work in a field that would allow her to share her innovative ideas, help others, and express her creativity– while also being able to appease her intrepid soul. After completing 5 years of schooling in Creative Arts and Graphic Design, she was finally able to bridge the gap between work and travel by becoming a Jr. Graphic Designer at Nomad Cre8tive!

Devin Renaud

Int. Graphic Designer
Devin’s passion for art and design started at the age of 7, by drawing characters from his favourite cartoons like Sponge-bob Squarepants and Looney Tunes. Now graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Interaction Design from Sheridan College, Devin is a multidisciplinary freelance designer who specializes in logos, branding, illustration, and package design. He is proficient in a wide variety of design styles, and is constantly pushing outside his comfort zone in effort to grow and learn as much as possible as a designer.

Rebecca Christina

Graphic Designer
Becca is a multi-disciplinary designer that specializes in Branding, Editorial and Packaging design. Finding her best ideas when travelling, Becca realized that working as a designer would be best when she could draw inspiration for her clients from all over the world. Ever since getting on a plane for the first time in 2016, she was bitten by the travel bug and let nothing stop her from exploring the world. Becca has also completed programs in Radio, Film, Photography and Design which gives her a unique look at solutions for clients. Working with Nomad Cre8tive has given her the resources to not be glued to any specific place always assuring she stays inspired.

Marie-Ève Cousineau

Graphic Designer
Marie-Ève is a young creative with an educational background in Graphic Design and Computation Arts. She specializes in print design, with a keen interest in developing her packaging and web skills. While her studies are currently keeping her in Montreal, Marie-Ève plans to visit many countries, as travelling is a great source of inspiration for her. She believes that being a part of Nomad Cre8tive will help her reach her goals while allowing her to do what she loves most, anywhere and anytime.

Ashley Francesca

Graphic Designer
Ashley has a strong background in business, graphic design, interactive media, and creative advertising, making it a goal of hers to find business solutions that are built on strong design principles. After graduating from University, Ashley worked for a lifestyle magazine as a travel author. Her love for travel did not stop her from earning a certificate in Graphic Design & Interactive Media. She moved on to work as an in-house art director for an online business. Ashley is now completing diploma in Creative Advertising, and her plans for the future involve more travel and even more learning to even further develop her design skills in the field of eCommerce.

Émilie Ahier

Jr. Graphic Designer
Émilie is someone who is driven by the desire to create. With a background in Social Sciences and Graphic Design, Em specializes in brand identity and photography. Backpacking by herself around Europe a few years ago gave her a taste of adventure where she discovered her passion for traveling. Emilie knew that she was destined to work as a digital nomad, fulfilling both her needs to create and discover the world.

Alexandra Hoernlein

Jr. Graphic Designer
Alex’s path to becoming a Junior Graphic Designer is like a journey unto itself. Informed by her experiences in the world of retail, finance, and start-ups, she found her passion for helping clients with beautiful design solutions. Combined with summers in Germany, dodging scooters on the streets of Shanghai, and sipping sake in low-key izakayas across Tokyo, Alex brings a wealth of client-side insight, design know-how, and a passport stamped full of adventures to every project.

Mariana Leyton

Website Designer
Mariana is a UX/UI designer with a wealth of experience in crafting delightful web and mobile experiences. She is a relentless problem solver and a visual storyteller in a never-ending love affair with world travel, being able to call a couple of countries home. Mariana currently holds a BFA in Design and Computation Arts and a Masters Degree in User experience and User Interface Design. She has worked with various startups across Canada and South America, as well as global corporations. She also specializes in design strategy, information architecture, user research, and usability best practices.

Teagan Chevrier

Video Editor
Teagan is a film lover who has transitioned that passion into a career based on storytelling. After studying film at Brock University, then Fanshawe College, Teagan jumped head first into the advertising industry and now dedicates her craft to telling compelling and interesting stories for brands, bands, brides and more! Teagan loves to spend her free time exploring the world from Hawaii, to Europe to her own local hidden spots to stay inspired!

Aleksandra Radic

Aleksandra is a an experienced photographer and avid traveller with a diverse portfolio. Completely self-taught, Aleksandra specializes in portrait, lifestyle and wedding photography, where her gift for putting her subjects at ease in front of the camera shines through in her work. In addition, Aleksandra has an impressive food photography portfolio and has collaborated with many restaurants and cafes in Toronto and abroad. Where’s Aleks heading next? Keep an eye out: you’re likely to spot her and her trusty camera on a faraway beach, an epic mountain hike or wherever her explorations lead!

Cédric Servay

Lifestyle Photographer
Cédric is a young photographer who is extremely passionate about his craft. He is always seeking to try new things and excel in whatever new project is thrown his way. Cédric is a software developer by trade, with a background in management, who equally loves to travel internationally, capturing the earths beauty through his many lenses. With a very wide portfolio in landscape, event, people and animal photography, Cédric is the man you need to make your photoshoot dreams a reality!

Danika Zandboer

Content Creator
Danika is a diversely talented commercial photographer with a BFA from OCADU in photography. Despite food photography and styling being her specialty, she also applies her creative energy and technical skills to portraiture, real-estate, event coverage and visual arts documentation. Danika lives and works in Toronto, but she's a dual-citizen of the Netherlands and thinks of Europe as her second home.

Catherine Ong

Content Creator
Catherine is a visual artist, photographer and a retoucher who specialized in e-commerce, lifestyle and portrait. Her mission is to bring any ideas to life visually and help brands tell a story through imagery. Though Montreal is where she calls home, frequent visits to Toronto for unique collaborations keep her creative appetite alive and well.

Nadia Zheng

Sr. Content Creator
Nadia is an experienced photographer who specializes in portrait and product. She has the ability to photograph simple objects and make them look extremely exciting by bringing them to live with creative compositions and props. Nadia's overall goal is to capture the essence of the subject, whether person or product, making the clients recognize themselves in a different way, under flattering but unexpected lighting arrangements. The joy and satisfaction Nadia brings to her clients is what drives her to keep being creative and to polish her craft.

Effie Theodosiou

After finishing her Honours degree in International Fashion Business in England, and a diploma in Fashion Arts; Effie Found herself exploring the world of print design, illustration and graphic design within the fashion industry. She is passionate about helping businesses reach their audiences through illustrations. Her specialization is in social media content, packaging illustrations and custom portraits.

Marcia Diaz

Illustrator & Motion Graphics Designer
Originally from Colombia Marcia is now based in Toronto, Canada. Her work is inspired by her South American roots, featuring colour, textures, rhythm and complex subjects. She has an interest in anthropology, technology and history and loves connecting to people through their stories and transforming complex subjects into thoughtful and meaningful graphic narratives.

Sydney Fream

Social Media Manager
Sydney is a listener, and creator. With a degree in Public Relations and certificate in Graphic Design as her foundation, Syd started SFS in 2011, now specializing in marketing focused photography, and social media content production.

Why You Need Our Help

With today’s rising popularity in social media and online marketing, websites have become key tools for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers, of which we have the pleasure of working with and developing. We stress the importance of brand consistency to our clients, for reasons of brand recognition and memorable user experience that gets people talking!

With a strong passion for branding, our team at Nomad Cre8tive ensures a cohesive look and stellar user experience across all creative platforms, for each individual client. From the logo to the website and all the way through to the social media and advertising, at Nomad Cre8tive, we’ve got you covered from beginning to end.

Not sure where to start? We can help you with that too!

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For Future Nomads

Nomad Cre8tive is a remote agency, specially designed for the freelance lifestyle. Our goal is to team up and collaborate with experts in their specific domain, in order to provide our clients with A-class services across the board. We are always looking for new Nomads to join the team!

No Need to Manage Clients

Never been the most organized person? Ever had trouble handling your clients? Well, there is no need for our nomads to manage their clients! Direct client communication is done by Alyssa, our creative director, so the stress of knowing what to say or how to say it is relieved. No lengthy e-mail chats for you!

Get Paid Easily

Efficient time tracking tools ensure that you get paid what you’re owed! With our instant invoicing and billing system, you will be sure to receive your money transfers on time, as expected.

Intuitive Project Management

A project management system is in place to make your job easier! Collaborate with other Nomad Cre8tive team members or work on your own with organized task lists and project briefs.

Share Your Knowledge

Frequent Nomad Cre8tive Team workshops allow you to brainstorm and share ideas with your fellow nomads. The best way to learn is from one another.

Gain Exposure

Nomad Cre8tive exposes your talent to more people and platforms than your own personal website. Your name and instagram account is shared with all our viewers!

Trusted Referrals

Nomad Cre8tive gives you a professional platform, encouraging you to refer people to other trusted freelancers outside your domain of expertise.

Become a Nomad

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